Growing up in a small industrial town in India our initial days were shaped by the hustle of a steel mill town peppered with food and family. Our lives revolved around food and every corner of the city carried a different flavour and character. Roti represents our love for Fresh, fast and delicious. Our assembly line like presentation of Indian food is designed to reflect our values of hard work and hustle while our made from scratch cooking shows our respect for old school cooking methodologies.

Core Values

Roti-Fresh Indian Grill was conceptualized for a simple reason. Healthy, wholesome food should excite your taste buds. While it nourishes your body, it should also nourish your soul and put you in a happy place. For us food goes way beyond counting calories and assembling different food groups to form a meal. We tap into thousands of years of wisdom gleaned from Ayurveda and cooking techniques from an era when the doctor and the chef worked together to create delicious, wholesome food choices. In order to function at its peak our bodies need way more than just a combination of protein, carbs and vitamins. Our cooking techniques combined with the medicinal properties of whole spices we use act as catalyst that activate our bodies ability to absorb and assimilate the multitude of benefits from each food group. Our food has no artificial food colour or added preservatives and fillers, and we will always use hand ground whole spices. We are in the business of providing wholesome, healthy meals to communities and out to change its core definition.

Our Spaces

Our spaces reflect the local area we represent, all our locations will always have hand painted motifs and art honouring the craftsmen and those who still believe that some aspects of being human can never be replaced by machines. Our goal is to create spaces that celebrate creativity and various art forms that allow us to express our individuality. The music at our locations could range from heavy metal to jungle to pop, bhangra and Bollywood. Just like our food our spaces are not shackled by the status quo. 


Our mission is to offer communities healthier, made from scratch food options while giving them exceptional taste. We believe food is a religion and a labour of love. While our menu is simple and uncomplicated we will stick to our multilayered methods of slow cooking our food. There will always be real cooking happening in our kitchens. Better Ingredients + Real cooking.

Scratch Cooking

We actually cook in our kitchen and our cooking isn’t just a two-step marinate and grill . We purchase whole vegetables, grains and meats ourselves and every aspect of the cooking process is completely controlled by us. Our slow cooking process honouring the age-old techniques of Indian cooking is what differentiates us. Our restaurant is not just an assembling point, and we still believe in the magic of cooking. We personally shop for each of our ingredients instead of getting it delivered through the large food service companies. 


Our list of ingredients that go in each of our magic sauces are clearly listed along with allergy information. We believe personally shopping for our ingredients, just we would do for our homes where we actually touch and feel our produce before it’s purchased. We pride ourselves on sustainability, from our minimalist design sense to us having an uncomplicated, simplified menu designed to have zero waste we truly believe in reducing our impact on the planet.